Friday, January 25, 2008

Custom facility in Nepal

All the baggages are subject to check at point of Nepal entry. People are allowed to carry 1.15 litres of consumable drinks, 150+ Sticks of cigarettes, 15 rolls of Photo films, 10+ rolls of movie camera film. In land transfers, most of consumable goods are allowed to carry while there are some restrictions in the air transfers. There are some restrictions while traveling via air in Nepal. While taking flight, the things that are allowed in the flight are:
· A ladies hand bag or pocket book.
· An overcoat or wrap, a foot rug
· A small camera or pair of binoculars
· A resonable amount of Reading matter
· Infant’s food for consumption in flight and infants carrying baskets.
· Carring basket, an umbrella or a walking stick
· A fully collapsible invalid’s wheerchair and/or a pair of crutches

There are some procedures for those who will to export antiques. They need to have special certificate from the Department of Archaeology, National Archive building. There are some restrictions upon goods;
· Gold and things made from Gold in a high amount
· Silver and goods containing silver
· Precious stones
· Wild Animals and their skins and huge amount of good made up of.
· Skin of Wild Animals
· Horns of Animals and head of animals
· All kind of drugs etc.

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