Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nepal Visa Information

Visa is required for everyone traveling out of their country. In case of Nepal, visa is required for people traveling inside except Indians. For Indians to Nepal and for Nepalese to India there is no system of Visa requirement. Indian Nationals don’t necessarily need visa but they need to bring their National Certificate, Identity card, or some thing that show their identity. There are many kinds of Visa granted for the visitors to Nepal. Visitors to Nepal can obtain the visa either in the Embassies in their country or upon arrival to Nepal. When the tourists arrive to nepal, then they need to put stamp of Nepali visa in their valid passports. Such provided visa are valid for the visitors to this country to visit normal areas inside Nepal. For some resricted areas visit, foreigners need to obtain special permit according to the place they like to visit. There are many kinds of visa provided for the visitors to this country.

Single/ multiple entry visa: A single entry visa to Nepal is proivided from the immigration office according to the place from where the tourist arrive Nepal, or from the respective embassies in the respective countries or consulates. The cost for a single entry visa is USD 30 per person which is valid for 60 days. While, a multiple visa is also granted for business purpose or who wish to stay longer here costing USD 60. Per Person.
Someone who wills to visit Nepal twice after getting out of the border in period of 150 days, he needs to pay USD 50 for a 30 days valid visa. Likewise, people intending to stay in Nepal for more than 60 day continuously have to pay the sum USD 50 for 30 days visa. Transit passengers intending to stay in Nepal for more than 48 hours transit need to pay USD 5 per person which is valid for 48 hours.
There is a system of issuing non touristic visa for people important for deplomatic reason. Visitors involved in press, international Non government organisations, international diplomatic officials, government officers, etc. are granted a non touristic visa. Those type of visa are issued in by the immigration department costing USD 60 per month for the first year and USD 100 per month for the second year. For Press relating people USD 10 per months, for government officers, USD 20 Per month, and for people obtaining Marriage visa USD 20 per months.
Extending visa is also possible for those who are not sure of their stay in Nepal. Those type of visas are issued by the department of Immigration in Kathmadu or in Pokhara with a sum of USD 50 per 30 days. Anyone are not allowed to stay in Nepal for more than 150 days in a single year.

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