Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nepal Festivals Information

Nepal is a culturally reach country with many festivals throughout the year. The festivals of Nepal show reason Religiously, culturally, historically, traditionally and many. Religiously, in Hinduism, there are 33 crore god and goddesses. Nepalese worship many goddesses to make them happy with hope that the god being happy belss them and there will be a development of every steps they start. For a new work starting, the people worship Ganesh, who is a symbol of goodness. People take fasting, worship gods, take bath on the day, visit temple, get together, and celebrate. The way of celebrating different festivals are different. In some people cant take even water while in some they are allowed to take sweet food. Sweets, Meat of domesticated animals, Fruits, juices and food made in home are special in those days. The Nepali calender is different of the other the world have. Nepal have it’s own calender with “Bikram Sambat” indicating the number of years. In english it was “BC” or now is “AD”. Some of many Nepali festivals are enlisted herewith.
New year: One the first day of year begin ( 1st Baisakh in Nepali calender) Mother’s day:get blessing from MotherBuddha Jayanti: to celebrate the birth date of Lord buddha. Machhendra Nath Jatra: Special festival celebrated by people of KathmanduGuru Purnima: teacher’s dayGai Jatra: an Special festival celebrated in kathmanduKrishna Astami : day celebration for worshipping god KrishnaFather’s day: To get blessing from FatherIndra Jatra: Special festival celebrated in KathmanduBada Dashain : Greatest festival of hindu people celebrated for 15 daysTihar: second great festival of Hindu celebrated for 5 daysBala Chaturdashi: An especial festival celebrated by the women by fastingShree Panchami: Education dayMaha Shiva ratri: Worshipping God Shiva.Ghode Jatra: Special festival celebrated by horse ride in kathmandu

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