Friday, January 25, 2008

Religion of Nepal

Religion of Nepal ranges according to the geography. Nepal was the only hindu country in the world before 2006, but it was proclaimed to be equal for all religions. Mostly in Terai belt of Nepal, there are many Hindu people, mostly getting affected by the religion of Indian provinces near to. The Middle hill belt are mixed up of Hindus and Buddhist. The higher Altitude people are mostly Buddhist in Hilly region. The Himlayan belt people are mostly Buddhist, getting affected from the religion of Tibetan Plateau.
There are many people who believe Kirati, Jain, Islam, Christian and many others too. Whatever the religion of people in this country, there is a religious harmony in people. There is no such war yet on basis of religion. The Hindu and Buddhist people worship each others god and goddessess, there is a government holiday for every religion’s major festivals and celebrations, where people of almost all religion are parcipated, there are many temples, stupa, Church, and people have brotherhood in each ohers. There is a complex bending between people of different religion in Nepal.

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