Friday, January 25, 2008

Nepal Entry Procedures

People willing to travel Nepal can easily enter this country. There are many points from where they can get entered. People need to have valid Nepali visa to enter the country. The Nepali visa are issued in the Embassies or consulate offices scattered in the world. There is also a system of arrival visa to Nepal. When people arrive to the entry points of Nepal, they can get visa in the immigration offices in Nepal. There are many Immigration offices in Nepal as Entry points. These are listed as followingly.
By Flight:

  • Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu

By Land:

  • Kakarbhitta ( Entry point from East Nepal)

  • Birgunj (Entry point from south east mid Nepal)

  • Belahiya ( Entry point from south west Mid Nepal)

  • Nepalgunj ( Entry point from south western Nepal) ·

  • Dhangadi ( Entry point from south Western Nepal)

  • Jogbani ( Entry point from south Eastern Nepal)

  • Mahendra Nagar ( Entry point from western Nepal)

  • Kodari ( Entry point from northern Nepal)

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